Alex Prud'homme

Special guest

Alex Prud'homme is a widely published writer and the author of seven books, including MY LIFE IN FRANCE, which he co-wrote with his great aunt, Julia Child, as well as THE FRENCH CHEF IN AMERICA: JULIA CHILD'S SECOND ACT. His latest (as of this podcast) is FRANCE IS A FEAST: THE PHOTOGRAPHS OF JULIA AND PAUL CHILD (all Knopf).

Alex is a native of New York City, with a BA in history from Middlebury College (and a minor in oceanography). He lives in Brooklyn, NY, with his family.

He became a writer the old-fashioned way. In 1985, he embarked on a three month trip to India and Nepal; when he returned to the US, he intended to apply to architecture school, or maybe law school. Only, he didn’t return. His three-month trip extended into a two year journey that took him around the world. Working as a fisherman in Australia, an English teacher and actor in Japan, and as a janitor in Paris, he wrote in journals as he went. It was this experience of talking to a wide range of people and recording observations on a daily basis that led him to pursue a writing career once he returned to the States.

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